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Faux Glass Blocks Window Film

Using real photographs of glass blocks, we have created realistic repeat patterns in a choice of size and colour which can be resized to your exact measurements.

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Category Description

Window film that looks like glass blocks

  •  Realistic patterns
  •  Free application tool
  • Easy to apply with no bubbles
  • Self-cling or self-adhesive
  • Ideal for TV & film sets

Using photographs of real glass blocks, we have created repeat patterns which can be printed on window film and applied directly to your existing windows and doors.

How is the film printed?

Our films are digitally printed using UV resistant ink to ensure that colours are long lasting. We also back print the coloured design with white ink to ensure that the colours are more vibrant when viewed through a the glass.

Self-cling or self-adhesive?

We recommend a self-adhesive film for long-term applications as it's more durable and less prone to being picked away. The self-cling film will peel off in seconds without tools, and can be re-used. Just make sure you keep the backing paper the film came on.

How easy is the film to apply?

The film is easy to apply using soapy water and the free tool provided. Please refer to our video tutorial for installation tips.

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