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Valentines Day Stickers

A wide range of valentines day window displays for shop windows, ideal for gift shops, jewellers and fashion outlets. Designs include hearts, flowers, roses, text stickers, which can be ordered to your required size and a colour of your choice.

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Valentine's Day Stickers for Shop Window Displays

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  • Free application tool
  • Easy to apply with no bubbles
  • Self-cling or self-adhesive

Spice up your valentines day window display with Purlfrost window stickers which can be ordered in a choice of colours, sizes and materials. They can be applied to glass or any other smooth flat surface including plastic, metal and wood (self-adhesive). In addition to choosing standard sized decals, you can purchase most of our designs as large individual stickers in a size of your choice, or in the case of certain designs, as a pack of individual stickers of varying sizes.

How to create a Valentine's Day themed shop display?

First things first, decide which products you are going to promote, or what message you want to convey. It's always best to stick to a theme or a colour rather than mixing things up too much. Remember, you are trying to attract the passing trade so make sure your window display is attractive, coherent, that the message is clear and that the products don't get lost. A simple idea is to order a few packs of heart stickers to scatter around the window, combined with one text based sticker for the center of the display. Simple but effective. When ordering text stickers, make sure the text is big enough to be read from the other side of the street, and placed at eye level.

Which side of the glass do you apply the stickers on?

When ordering, you can select the aspect of the sticker depending on whether you intend to apply the sticker on the glass internally, to be viewed and read externally (print in reverse), or applied on a surface other than glass, to be read face on as a conventional design (print as seen). 

Can the stickers be applied to other surfaces?

Yes, in the case of the adhesive stickers, they can be applied to any smooth non-porous surfaces like metal, plastic and laminates, painted and varnished wood. make sure you select the "Print as seen" option when ordering.

How are the stickers printed?

All our designs are digitally printed using UV resistant ink to ensure that colours are long lasting. We also back print the coloured design with white ink to ensure that the colours are more vibrant when viewed through the glass.

Self-cling or self-adhesive?

We recommend the self-adhesive film for long-term applications as it's more durable and less prone to being picked away, or when applied to other surfaces apart from glass. The self-cling window stickers are re-usable and peel off in seconds without tools.

How easy are window stickers to apply?

Very easy, and very quick. All you need is a bit of soapy water in a spray bottle, and the application tool supplied with your order. But don't take our word for it. Take a minute to watch our video tutorial. It's child play!








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