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St Stephen

This Ecclesiastical stained glass effect is an actual period stained glass design which is printed on window film. 

To order simply:

  1. enter the size of your glass pane(s) in centimetres to resize the canopy over the image
  2. stretch the canopy by pulling on the corners with your cursor
  3. move the canopy over the image until satisfied with your selection

You can select as much or as little of the image.

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  • Please Select Width
  • Please Select Width

  • You need to confirm measurements.

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Product Description

  • Made to measure to suit any window size
  • Apply in minutes
  • Vibrant colours


This stained glass effect film is printed on a self adhesive translucent frosted film. The colours are very vibrant and unlike real stained glass show brightly on both sides of the glass. All areas of the pattern are opaque and cannot be seen through.

To order, just supply your measurements in centimetres for accuracy.
For example, 300mm equals 30cm, 355mm equals 35.5cm, 1 metre equals 100cm, 1m55 equals 155cm.
For accurate measuring, take a measurement at the top and bottom, as well as the left and right side of the glass. If there is any discrepancy, use the largest figures for both height and width. You can trim the excess film to suit after installation.

Please refer to our video tutorial for installation tips.

  • Free installation tool and easy to follow instructions 

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