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SRF 80X Light External Window Film

Our SRF 80X external reflective film helps reject 52% of solar energy whilst allowing 59% of visible light through. It has a light reflective finish and is suitable for all types of glazing. The film can be purchased by the metre in a length of your choice, or cut to size for ease of installation. 

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Performances SRF 80X Light External Window Film
U V Transmission Help Icon 1%
Visible light reflection Help Icon 22%
Visible light transmission Help Icon 59%
Total solar energy rejected (Heat) Help Icon 52%
Solar reflection Help Icon 24%
Solar absorption Help Icon 32%
Solar transmission Help Icon 44%
Glare reduction Help Icon 47%
"g" value(Solar heat gain coef.) Help Icon 0.48
Emissivity Help Icon 0.2
Scratch resistant coating Help Icon YES
Compatibility Help Icon
Clear Single Pane Help Icon YES
Tinted Single Pane Help Icon YES
Reflective Tinted Single Pane Help Icon YES
Clear Double Pane (non toughened) Help Icon YES
Clear Double Pane (toughened glass) Help Icon YES
Clear Laminated single pane Help Icon YES
Clear Laminated Double Pane Help Icon YES
Tinted Double Pane (non toughened) Help Icon YES
Tinted Double Pane (toughened glass) Help Icon YES
Low-E Double Pane Help Icon YES
Gas Filled Double Pane Help Icon YES
Polycarbonate roof Help Icon NO
Domed skylights Help Icon NO
Internal Help Icon NO
External Help Icon YES
Internal warranty(Years) Help Icon N/A
External warranty(Years) Help Icon 5
Against Peeling Help Icon YES
Against Cracking Help Icon YES
Against Demetallization Help Icon YES
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Product Description

  • Helps prevent heat gain

  • Save on air conditioning costs

  • Helps prevent fading of furnishings

  • Limited loss of natural light

  • Suitable for all types of glazing

Our SRF 80X external grade window film has a light reflective finish and is designed to control excess heat and glare with limited loss of natural light. It can be applied to your existing windows and doors and the effect will be immediate.

External films are ideal for double glazed units as unlike internal films they prevent the heat from being trapped within the panes, making them much more efficient.

This product is ideal for home or office, and can be applied internally on any glass surface. This film is very popular with businesses who want to save on their air conditioning costs, and ideal for offices with large windows which require constant temperature control with little loss of natural daylight.

Please note:
This product doesn't act as an air conditioning unit and is not designed to keep a constant temperature in a room. It is designed to help reduce ambient temperature by a few degrees and therefore save on air conditioning costs. 
For a more efficient product, please consider using a tinted or reflective film instead, but you will have to sacrifice natural daylight. Please check product Specifications.

Not sure whether this is the right film for your purpose? We offer free 10cm x 10cm samples. The pictures depicting the film are only for illustration purposes, so a sample is recommended to make an educated choice. If you'd like to try a larger piece before committing to a large order, just order a small amount of film, or a cut to size piece to test on a pane.

Returns and refunds
We will only accept returns for films purchased by the metre. Just send it back to us in it's original condition and packaging. We cannot accept returns for films cut to size however, as they have no resale value.


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