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Blackboard Film

Self adhesive chalkboard vinyl is designed to be applied on smooth, flat, dust free, non porous surfaces like laminates, metal, varnished wood and painted walls. It is ideal for menus in bars and restaurants, or can be used at home as an aide memoire or for the kids to draw on. The film can be ordered by the metre and has a paper backing for ease of marking and cutting.

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Product Description

Surface Preparation: Painted surfaces

  • On older paint work, we would recommend a light sanding down to help with adhesion, and to remove any imperfections. 
  • On recent paint work, a clean with soapy water would suffice.
  • On new paint work, please wait 2 weeks for the paint to totally cure before applying the stickers.

Surface Preparation: Walls, plastered surfaces
For the film to adhere properly, the painted wall should be smooth, flat, dust free and free of imperfections. The film will not adhere to a plaster finish unless painted or varnished. Make sure the paint is not flaking off as this is an indication that the wall will need a fresh coat of paint before the film can be applied.

Surface Preparation: Laminates, metal surface, wood.
Laminates, like kitchen door coverings for example will require a thorough clean with soapy water to remove any greasy cooking deposits.
Bare, untreated metal surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned to remove any oily deposit.
Wooden surfaces should be lightly varnished for best results.

Applying the Stickers
Cut the material to the required size, unless you have ordered the material made to measure.
For small pieces, just remove the protective liner to expose the adhesive side, line up and apply the sticker to the surface. Once you are satisfied with the position, smooth the sticker firmly onto the surface using the felt edge tool supplied with your order. 
For larger pieces, peel back and fold down 4" (10cm) off the top of the backing paper to expose the adhesive side. Apply and line up the top of the film to the surface . Once you are satisfied with the position, peel off the rest of the backing paper from behind the film in stages, and smooth down as you go along using the felt edge tool supplied with your order. Once the whole of the film has been applied, go back over the whole thing using more pressure. 

If any trimming is required, just use a retractable knife and trim the excess material. Just be careful as the material is quite thick. Use a straight edge like a metal ruler if necessary.

Writing or drawing on the Film
This film is specially formulated for use with normal chalk and liquid chalkboard pens. Click here to order a chalkmarker pen from our website.

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