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Security Film For Glass Windows

Window Security Film

We have a wide range of window film products to enhance glass security. 

Security Window Film is a 2 ply film which is directly applied to existing glass. Its main purpose is to create a barrier, effectively delaying smash and grab and break-ins. The film is often enough of a deterrent for the offender(s) to abandon his actions, and will give valuable time for the police or security to attend the site.

Due to its thickness, the film will hold broken glass in place, even after repeated attempts at breaking through, and is very difficult to pierce or tear.

This film is ideal for high street shop windows, jeweler shops and any sensitive business where high value items are on display.

Sacrificial Security Film is a multi-layer 100% clear anti-graffiti film, designed to minimize vandalism by helping to protect glass and mirrors from permanent damage: tagging can be removed by simple cleaning, while surface etching and gouging requires only film replacement; the glass itself remains undamaged.

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