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Security Film For Glass Windows

Security window film is a self adhesive, clear polyester film which once applied will make glass shatter proof and thanks to its thickness will help prevent smash and grab attacks. Anti graffiti film is a sacrificial film which can be applied to any glazed area and replaced when necessary. The idea is to prevent spray paint or scoring from damaging the glass.

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Security & glass protection film

Glass and glazing is often the weakest point in the fabric of a building and the easiest point of access. On the high street, glazing is often at the forefront of vandalism and an easy target for criminals. The sheer number of windows and glazed doors also make your home vulnerable to break-ins. Our security window films are designed to mitigate the effects of criminal activities by adding a layer of protection to the glass, making it stronger and more resiliant to attempts at illegal access.

Security protective film is thicker than privacy or tinted window films, and as such will make it harder to break the glass by strenthening it. The film is designed to hold the broken glass together, making it shatter proof and helping deter potential intruders. Window protection film are completely transparent and therefore do not affect the amount of natural light, or compromise the view through the glass.

Anti shatter and anti graffiti

Our anti shatter glass protection films are available in 2 thicknesses. The 200 Micron Security Film is suitable for smaller panes less than 1sq/m and better suited to properties in residential areas and can be applied relatively easily. This film is available off the roll by the metre, or for ease of installation cut to measure. The 300 Micron Security Film is ideal for large panes of glass, or for glazing in commercial buildings or retail outlets. This film is best applied by a professional fitter. Both of these protective films also help control 99% of UV rays responsible for the fading of furnishings, and can be used in combination with privacy or solar control films if required. 

Our Sacrificial Anti Graffiti Glass Protection Film is designed to minimise vandalism by helping to protect glass and mirrors from permanent damage. Graffiti can be removed by simple cleaning, whilst surface etching and gouging requires only film replacement - the glass itself remains undamaged.

Buy window film online with confidence from Purlfrost

Our website is packed with practical security and safety products for glass, available for delivery in the United Kingdom from our London office building. Our customer service and experience is second to none and we are the highest rated window film company on Truspilot with over 8000 reviews from satisfied customers. We hold plenty of stock of a wide range of window films and tend to ship your items within 24h of your purchase for prompt delivery using either Royal Mail or TNT for shipping throughout the country. Free shipping is available for orders over £50.00.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do you apply security window film?

    The process is the same as all types of window films and all you would need is soapy water and a squeegee. However, due to the thickness of the material, you would need a much stiffer application tool which can be purchased from our website.

  • How does security window film work?

    Security film creates an invisible anti shatter barrier on your windows and glass doors, effectively delaying smash and grab attacks and limiting the damage from acts of vandalism. The film is often enough of a deterrent for offenders due to the added time it takes to break through the glass, giving valuable time for the home or business owner to contact the police or security. Thanks to the thickness of the material, broken glass is held firmly together and is very difficult to pierce or tear. The window will eventually fail but the delay in doing so is often enough to put the criminal off. In that respect, security film does work.

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